Gurtovenko Andrey A.

Gurtovenko Andrey A.

DSc, PhD, Professor SPbSU, Professor RAS

e-mail: a.gurtovenko на
тел. +7(812)328-56-01

  • Computer simulation of biomolecular systems (biomembrane, DNA delivery vectors)

    Main publications:

    1. A. Yu. Kostritskii, D. A. Tolmachev, N. V. Lukasheva, and A. A. Gurtovenko Molecular-Level Insight into the Interaction of Phospholipid Bilayers with Cellulose Langmuir 33, 12793-12803 (2017).
    2. A. Polley, A. Orlowski, R. Danne, A. A. Gurtovenko, J. Bernardino de la Serna, C. Eggeling, S. J. Davis, T. Rog, and I. Vattulainen Glycosylation and Lipids Working in Concert Direct CD2 Ectodomain Orientation and Presentation Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 1060-1066 (2017).
    3. S. G. Falkovich, H. Martinez-Seara, A. M. Nesterenko, I. Vattulainen, and A. A. Gurtovenko, What Can We Learn about Cholesterol’s Transmembrane Distribution Based on Cholesterol-Induced Changes in Membrane Dipole Potential? Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7, 4585-4590 (2016).
    4. A. Yu. Kostritskii, D. A. Kondinskaia, A. M. Nesterenko, A. A. Gurtovenko, Adsorption of Synthetic Cationic Polymers on Model Phospholipid Membranes: Insight from Atomic-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Langmuir 32, 10402-10414 (2016).
    5. D. A. Kondinskaia, A. Yu. Kostritskii, A. M. Nesterenko, A. Yu. Antipina, A. A. Gurtovenko, Atomic-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DNA-Polycation Complexes: Two Distinct Binding Patterns, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 6546-6554 (2016).
    6. A. Yu. Antipina, A. A. Gurtovenko, Molecular-Level Insight into the Interactions of DNA with Phospholipid Bilayers: Barriers and Triggers, RSC Advances 6, 36425-36432 (2016).
    7. A. Yu. Antipina, A. A. Gurtovenko, Molecular Mechanism of Calcium-Induced Adsorption of DNA on Zwitterionic Phospholipid Membranes, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119, 6638 – 6645 (2015).
    8. A. A. Gurtovenko, A. S. Lyulina, Electroporation of Asymmetric Phospholipid Membranes, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118, 9909 – 9918 (2014).
    9. E. Heikkila, H. Martinez-Seara, A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, J. Akola, Atomistic Simulations of Anionic Au144(SR)60 Nanoparticles Interacting with Asymmetric Model Lipid Membranes, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Biomembranes 1838, 2852 – 2860 (2014).
    10. E. Heikkila, H. Martinez-Seara, A. A. Gurtovenko, M. Javanainen, H. Hakkinen, I. Vattulainen, J. Akola, Cationic Au Nanoparticle Binding with Plasma Membrane-Like Lipid Bilayers: Potential Mechanism for Spontaneous Permeation to Cells Revealed by Atomistic Simulations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 11131 – 11141 (2014).
    11. W. Zhao, A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, M. Karttunen, Cationic DMPC/DOTAP Lipid Bilayers: Atomistic Insight for Structure and Dynamics, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116, 269 – 276 (2012).
    12. A. A. Gurtovenko, J. Anwar, I. Vattulainen, Defect-Mediated Trafficking across Cell Membranes: Insights from In Silico Modeling, Chemical Reviews 110, 6077 – 6103 (2010).
    13. A. A. Gurtovenko, J. Anwar, Interaction of Ethanol with Biological Membranes: The Formation of Non-Bilayer Structures within the Membrane Interior and their Significance, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113, 1983 – 1992 (2009).
    14. A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, Intrinsic Potential of Cell Membranes: Opposite Effects of Lipid Transmembrane Asymmetry and Asymmetric Salt Ion Distribution, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113, 7194 – 7198 (2009).
    15. A. A. Gurtovenko, O. I. Onike, J. Anwar, Chemically-Induced Phospholipid Translocation Across Biological Membranes, Langmuir 24, 9656 – 9660 (2008).
    16. A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, Membrane Potential and Electrostatics of Phospholipid Bilayers with Asymmetric Transmembrane Distribution of Anionic Lipids, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 4629 – 4634 (2008).
    17. A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, Effect of NaCl and KCl on Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylethanolamine Lipid Membranes: Insight from Atomic-Scale Simulations for Understanding Salt-Induced Effects in the Plasma Membrane, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 1953-1962 (2008).
    18. A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, The Molecular Mechanism of Lipid Flip-Flops, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111, 13554 – 13559 (2007).
    19. A. A. Gurtovenko, J. Anwar, Modulating the Structure and Properties of Cell Membranes: The Molecular Mechanism of Action of Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111, 10453 – 10460 (2007).
    20. A. A. Gurtovenko, J. Anwar, Ion Transport through Chemically-Induced Pores in Protein-Free Phospholipid Membranes, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111, 13379 – 13382 (2007).
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    23. A. A. Gurtovenko, I. Vattulainen, Pore Formation Coupled to Ion Transport through Lipid Membranes as Induced by Transmembrane Ionic Charge Imbalance: Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Study, Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, 17570 – 17571 (2005).
    24. A. A. Gurtovenko, Asymmetry of Lipid Bilayers Induced by Monovalent Salt: Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Study, Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 244902 (2005).
    25. A. A. Gurtovenko, M. Patra, M. Karttunen, and I. Vattulainen, Cationic DMPC/DMTAP Lipid Bilayers: Molecular Dynamics Study, Biophysical Journal 86, 3461 – 3472 (2004).

  • Lectures:

    “Computer simulation of biomolecular systems” (Master’s program “Nanobiophysics, AMF)

    Scientific supervision:

    PhD thesis:

    1. “Computer modeling of the adsorption of DNA on a lipid bilayer consisting of the phosphatidylcholine molecules.” Antipina A (2017)

    Master thesis:

    1. “Computer simulation of the natural polysaccharide of arabinogalactan in dilute aqueous solution.” Sergeev D (2013)
    2. “Computer modeling of the DNA complexes with water-soluble polycations.” Kondinskaya D (2016)
    3. “The adsorption of cationic polymers on the surface of bacterial membranes. Computer Modelling.” Kostritsky A (2016)

    Bachelor thesis:

    1. “Computer modeling of non-viral delivery vectors based on polyethyleneimine.” Kostritsky A (2014)
    2. “Computer modeling of the cationic polymer is polylysine.” Kondinskaya D (2014)

    At present research is carried out:

    • PhD work. “Computer modeling of nucleic acid delivery systems based on cationic polymers,” Kondinskaya D (post-graduate student of the 1st year of study).
    • PhD work. “Interaction of biocompatible materials based on cellulose with model biological membranes. Computer simulation ” Kostritsky A (post-graduate student of the 1st year of study).
    • Bachelor work. “Computer modeling of polypeptide chains aggregation processes” Lushpinskaya I
    • Bachelor work. “Computer simulation model phospholipid membranes,” Muhamadyarov E

  • A dissertation councils membership:

    • D 212.232.40 (SPbSU)

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    ORCID: 0000-0002-9834-1617
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