Kasyanenko Nina A.

Kasyanenko Nina A.

D.Sc., Professor

Email: n.kasyanenko@spbu.ru

  • Conformational and phase transitions of DNA during interaction with a biologically active compounds, supramolecular structures based on the Nucleic Acids

    • DNA complexes with biologically active compounds
    • Gene vectors based on interpolyelectrolyte complexes
    • DNA-based nanostructures
    • DNA-peptide interaction

    Funding (current):

    RFBR, SPbSU, Grant for staff support of scientific research conducted under the direction of St. Petersburg State University leading scientists

    Main publications

    1. Model system for multifunctional delivery nanoplatforms based on DNA-polymer complexes containing silver nanoparticles and fluorescent dye. Kasyanenko N., Bakulev V., Perevyazko I., Nekrasova T., Nazarova O., Slita A., Zolotova Yu., Panarin E. / Journal of Biotechnology. 2016.Volume 236, Pages 78–87. Doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2016.08.010
    2. Similarities and differences in the influence of polycations and oligomers on DNA conformation and packaging. Kasyanenko N., Dribinsky B. / International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2016. Том: 86,   Стр.: 216-223 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2016.01.044
    3. DNA modified with metal nanoparticles: preparation and characterization of ordered metal-dna nanostructures in a solution and on a substrate. Kasyanenko N., Varshavskii M., Ikonnikov E., Tolstyko E., Belykh R., Sokolov P., Bakulev V., Rolich V., Lopatko K. / Journal of Nanomaterials. V. 2016, 3237250.  Doi: 10.1155/2016/3237250
    4. Tetrapeptide KEDW interacts with dna and regulates gene expression. Khavinson V.Kh, Tendler S.M., Kasyanenko N.A., Tarnovskaya S.I., Linkova N.S., Ashapkin V.V., Yakutseni P.P., Vanyushin B.F. /American journal of biomedical sciences, изд. New World Publishing International (Sarasota, Fla., United States), том 7, № 3, с. 156-169.
    5. Conformational and phase transitions in DNA – photosensitive surfactant solutions: experiment and modeling. Kasyanenko N., Lysyakova L., Ramazanov R., Titov E., Alexeev G., Lezov A., Unksov I., Nesterenko A., Yaroshevich I. /Biopolymers. 2015. Т. 103. № 2. С. 109-122.
    6. Adsorption of 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dithiol on gold and silicon surfaces. Sokolov P., Kasyanenko N., Demidov V., Vedeneeva L. /Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2015. Т. 119. № 43. С. 24358-24363.
    7. Peptide regulation of gene expression and protein synthesis in bronchial epithelium. Tendler S.M., Khavinson V.Kh., Vanyushin B.F., Ashapkin V.V., Kasyanenko N.A., Kvetnoy I.M., Linkova N.S., Polyakova V.O., Basharina V.S., Bernadotte A .Lung. 2014. Т. 192. № 5. С. 781-791.
    8. Properties of multicomponent system DNA-phtalocyanine metallocomplexes-surfactants. Alekseev G., Kasyanenko N. /Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2014. Т. 572. № 1. С. 012011.
    9. DNA interaction with cis- and trans- isomers of photosensitive surfactant. Unksov I.N., Kasyanenko N.A. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2014. Т. 572. № 1. С. 012014.
    10. Charge-controlled fixation of DNA molecules on silicon surface and electro-physical properties of Au-DNA-Si interface. Bazlov N.V., Vyvenko O.F., Sokolov P.A., Kas’yanenko N.A., Petrov Y.V. /Applied Surface Science. 2013. Т. 267. С. 224-228.
    11. Fluorescent silver nanoclusters in condensed DNA. Volkov I.L., Ramazanov R.R., Ubyivovk E.V., Rolich V.I., Kononov A.I., Kasyanenko N.A. /Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry. 2013. Т. 14. № 15. С. 3543-3550.
    12. Reaction with DNA and pharmacologic activity of 1,10-phenanthroline and electron-rich 1,10-phenanthrocyanine complexes of d-elements. Demidov V.N., Antonov V.S., Pakhomova T.B., Simanova S.A., Kas’yanenko N.A., Volkov I.L., Sokolov P.A. /Russian Journal of General Chemistry. 2012. Т. 82. № 3. С. 602-620.
    13. DNA-polymer complexes for gene therapy. Kasyanenko N.A., Lysyakova L.A., Dribinskii B.A., Zolotova Yu.I., Nazarova O.V., Panarin E.F. /Polymer Science. Series C. 2012. Т. 54. № 1. С. 57-68.
    14. Metallization of DNA on silicon surface Puchkova A.O., Sokolov P., Kasyanenko N.A., Petrov Y.V. / Journal of Nanoparticle Research. 2011. Т. 13. № 9. С. 3633-3641.
    15. Investigation of the radioprotective properties of some tea polyphenols Ershov D.S., Paston S.V., Kasyanenko N.A., Kartsova L.A., Alekseeva A.V., Ganzha O.V. Structural Chemistry. 2011. Т. 22. № 2. С. 475-482.
    16. Metallization of DNA on the surface. Puchkova A.O., Sokolov P.A., Kasyanenko N.A. Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2011. Т. 52. № 6. С. 1195-1201
    17. Effect of the oligopeptide length on the DNA condensation process in aqueous-salt solutions. Dribinskii B.A., Kasyanenko N.A. Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2011. Т. 52. № 6. С. 1202-1208.
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    23. First ruthenium organometallic complex of antibacterial agent ofloxacin. Crystal structure and interactions with DNA. Turel I., Kljun J., Perdih F., Morozova E., Bakulev V., Kasyanenko N., Byl J.A.W., Osheroff N. /Inorganic Chemistry. 2010. Т. 49. № 23. С. 10750-10752.
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  • Lectures:

    1. «Modern problems of biophysics» – Bachelor, 1st year (AMP), 4 year (Physics)
    2. «Introduction to Molecular Biophysics» – Bachelor’s 3 course (Physics)
    3. «Physical chemistry of polymers» – Bachelor’s, 4 year (AMP)
    4. «Hydrodynamic methods of research of biopolymers», bachelor, 4 year (AMP)
    5. «The conformation of biopolymers in solution» (Master’s program “Molecular Biophysics”)
    6. «Methods of study of biological macromolecules» (Master’s program “Molecular Biophysics”)
    7. «Fundamentals of physics of biological macromolecules» (Graduate, Experimental Physics)

    Scientific supervision:

    PhD thesis:

    1. «Investigation of the large ionic strength effect on DNA molecule conformation in solution and development of method of its covalent fixation on a solid surface». Karymov Mikhail (1997)
    2. «Study of DNA interaction with binuclear platinum coordination compounds in solution». Haya Enrikes Ervin Fernando, Peru (2002)
    3. «The structural changing of DNA molecule induced by metal ions and metal-organic compounds». Bogdanov Alexey A. (2004)
    4. «Impact of solvent composition and gamma irradiation on interaction of DNA with platinum coordination compounds». Kosmotynskaya Yu. V. (2006)
    5. «DNA condensation induced by polycations and multicharged ions in solution». Dribinsky Boris A. (2012)
    6. «Analysis of DNA conformation changing after complexation with coordination compounds of platinum group metal».  Morozova Elena V. (2012)
    7. «Creating and study of DNA stabilized luminescent silver clusters». Volkov Ivan L. (2014)
    8. «Development of ways of DNA fixation on different surfaces and study the properties of the formed structures». Sokolov Petr A. (2014)
    9. «The conformational change of the DNA molecule in the interaction with platinum coordination compounds and silver». Zhang Qiushi, the People’s Republic of China (2015)

    Mastes thesis (since 2011)

    1. Sokolov P «Fixation of DNA on a silicon surface of n-type. Electrical properties of Si/DNA/Au interface» (2011)
    2. Lysyakova L «The compaction of DNA in solution induced by polycations and photosensitive amphiphilic ligands» (2012)
    3. Puchkova S «The metallization of DNA in solution and on the surface» (2012)
    4. Reveguk Z «Study of the interaction of new oxalate complexes of palladium (II) with a DNA molecule in vitro»
    5. Belyh R «The interaction of DNA with ions and aluminum nanoparticles in solution» (2012)
    6. Bozhkova E «The study of the interaction of DNA with coordination compounds of iron with phenanthroline ligands» (2012)
    7. Borisova I «Complexes of macromolecular DNA with platinum coordination compounds containing amino acids» (2013)
    8. Titov E «DNA conformational transitions caused by its interaction with the light-sensitive surfactant in the solution» (2013)
    9.  Alekseev G «Study of DNA complexes with biologically active compounds in the solution» (2013)
    10. Warsawsky M «Properties of systems formed with the DNA molecule and reduced silver» (2014)
    11. Kozhenkov P «The complexation of DNA with ruthenium and cobalt coordination compounds» (2014)
    12. Fironov A «The study of the interaction of gold nanoparticles with polymers» (2014)
    13. Tolstyko E «DNA in solution and the metallization on a substrate using silver nanoparticles and silver compounds» (2015)
    14. Unksov I «Ways of delivery of small interfering RNA and DNA in the cell-based surfactant» (2016)

    Bachelor thesis (since 2011):

    1. Titov A «Influence of salt concentration on the spectral properties of silver and gold nanoparticles in aqueous solution» (2011)
    2. Titov E «Interaction of DNA with photoactive surfactant» (2011)
    3. Taranenko I «Study of the interaction of the new oxalate complex palladium (II) a DNA molecule in vitro» (2012)
    4. Samsonov N «The study of the interaction of aluminum nanoparticles with DNA» (2012)
    5. Fironov A «Surface plasmon resonance method and its application to the study of solutions of DNA ligands» (2012)
    6. Warsawsky M «The formation of silver nanoparticles and investigation of their interaction with polyions in solution and on surfaces» (2012)
    7. Kozhenkov P «Study of the effect of ruthenium on the conformation of DNA molecules in solution» (2012)
    8. Krohmalyuk R «The study of the interaction of teotropine with  DNA molecule in vitro» (2013)
    9. Vashukevich E «DNA Complexes with short peptides» (2014)
    10. Simanov G «Study of the formation of silver nanoparticles to DNA solutions containing surfactants» (2014)
    11. Tolstyko E «Formation and study of DNA structures containing nanoparticles» (2014)
    12. Polshkov V «Gene vectors containing nanoparticles» (2014)
    13. Unksov I «DNA conformational changes caused by interaction with light sensitive compounds» (2014)
    14. Boldyrev A «The interaction of short peptides KE and KEDW DNA» (2015)
    15. Dokshokova L «DNA interaction with platinum and silver compounds in solution» (2015)
    16. Ikonnikov E «The metallization of DNA in solution and on surfaces»  (2015)
    17. Pavlenova K «The interaction of DNA with the coordination compound of platinum with a complex ligand»  (2016)
    18. Tikhomirov R «The interaction of europium coordination compound with  DNA molecule in vitro» (2016)

    At present research is carried out:

    PhD students:

    • Michael Warsawsky (PhD student 3 years)
    • Ekaterina Morozova (PhD student 3 years)
    • Unksov Ivan (PhD student 1 years )

    Master students:

    • Michael Osolodkov
    • Dokshokova Lolita
    • Alexander Boldyrev
    • Christina Pevlenova
    • Tikhomirov Roman

  • A dissertation councils membership:

    • D 212.232.33 by speciality 02.00.06 – macromolecular compounds (physico-mathematical sciences);
    • D 212.232.10 by speciality 03.01.02 – biophysics (biological sciences)
    • D 212.232.28 by speciality  02.00.10 – bioorganic chemistry (chemical sciences)

    An academic councils membership:

    • Member of the Scientific Council of the Physical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University
    • Member of the Scientific Council of the St. Petersburg State University

    Member of the educational commissions:

    • Member of the Educational Committee of the Academic Council of St. Petersburg State University
    • Member of Educational-methodical commission of the Faculty of Physics

  • ResearcherID: M-8608-2013
    ScopusID: 6602085797
    ORCID: 0000-0003-3018-2063
    SPIN-код: 5746-6931