Melnikov Alexander Borisovich

Melnikov Alexander Borisovich


PhD, Associate professor

  • The study of molecular hydrodynamics methods (isothermal diffusion, viscometry, light scattering, sedimentation speed, refractometry) polymer solutions, polymer complexes, micellar strutrur and liquid crystals.

    Scientific achievements:

    • The winner of the Main Prize  “International Academic Publishing Company” Nauka “for the best publication in magazines published by it” 1996.
    • Winner of the competition “Grant St. Petersburg” in 2004.
    • Was awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, honorary diploma for fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity and great contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists (May 2003)
    • Published more than 80 articles.

  • Lectures:

    1. Physico-chemical properties of colloidal systems (4th year, Physics)
    2. Basics of Physics of Supramolecular Systems (2nd year on the profile of the physics of functional materials)
    3. Basiscs of Physics of polyelectrolytes and biopolymers (2 course on functional materials physics profile)

    Scientific supervision:

    • Specialist diplomas – 7 people (1983)
    • Bachelor work – 7 people
    • Master’s thesis – 9 people

  • ResearcherID: M-7565-2013
    ScopusID: 7102720505
    ORCID: 0000-0002-4413-5893
    SPIN-код: 9966-8710