Paston Sofia V.

Paston Sofia V.

PhD, Associate professor

email: svpaston at


  • The study of action of UV and gamma-radiation on the DNA molecule. Photo- and radioprotectors, photo- and radiosensitizers.

    Main publications:

    1. S.V. Paston, O.A. Dommes, A.E. Tarasov. Investigation of Radiation-Induced Damages in DNA Structure by Circular Dichroism and UV Absorption Spectroscopy. In: “Circular Dichroism: Theory and Spectroscopy”, Edited by David S. Rodgers, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, USA, 2012, pp. 313-331 (ISBN: 978-1-61122-522-8) (abstract)
    2. Paston, S.V., Zamotin, V.V. Conformational changes of DNA γ-irradiated in the presence of aliphatic alcohols in solution. Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2010. 50 (5) , pp. 970-975.
    3. Paston, S.V., Tarasov, A.E. Effect of caffeine on DNA conformational changes after in vitro gamma-irradiation. Journal of Structural Chemistry 2011. 52 (6) , pp. 1209-1214.
    4. D. S. Ershov, S. V. Paston, L. A. Kartsova, A. V. Alekseeva, O. V. Ganzha, N. A. Kasyanenko. Investigation of the radioprotective properties of some tea polyphenols. Structural Chemistry, 2011, Vol. 22, Issue 2, P. 475-482.

  • Lectures:

    • Introduction to General Biology (6th semester)
    • Basics of Biology (optional) (7th semester)
    • Radiation Biophysics (elective) (in the graduate student’s programm “Nanobiophysics”, Applied Mathematics and Physics)
    • Physics (1st semester, Chemical Faculty)

    Scientific supervision:

    Master thesis (from 2011 year):

      1. “Study of radioprotective properties of caffeine and catechins aliphatic alcohols DNA solutions.” Tarasov AE (2011)
      2. “Influence of ionic strength on the structure of the DNA molecules changes due to gamma irradiation of its solutions.” Chizhov KV (2011)
      3. “Effect of cations on some radiation damage to the DNA in solution.” Dommes, OA (2012)
      4. “DNA interaction with divalent cations in the presence of EDTA.” Ushkov PA (2013)
      5. “The study of DNA interaction with the metal complex phenanthroline.” Platonov, DA (2014)
      6. “The impact of metal on the structure of DNA and photosensitivity.” Nikolaev AI (2015)

    Bachelor diplomas (from 2011 year):

    1. “The effect of caffeine on DNA damage in solution under the UV-light.” Platonov, DA (2012)
    2. “DNA interaction studies with caffeine in the presence of copper and magnesium cations.” Shulenina OV (2014)

    At present research is carried out:

    • “The effect of low molecular weight ligands on the radiation damage of biological macromolecules” Ushkov PA (2 years post-graduate)
    • “The study of DNA interaction with caffeine and catechin in the presence of copper ions and magnesium” Shulenina OV (Master’s degree 2 years)
    • “The study of BSA and ovalbumin structure” Abrosimov KV (4th year student)
    • “The study of the secondary structure of proteins by IR spectroscopy” Tankovskaya SA (4th year student)

  • ResearcherID: K-5153-2013
    ScopusID: 6602101898
    ORCID: 0000-0003-0766-1525
    SPIN-код: 1207-1430