Trusov Anatoly A.

Trusov Anatoly A.

D.Sc., Professor

“Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg State University”

email: a.trusov at

    • Electrooptics of colloidal solutions
    • Physics of nanodispersed systems

    Main publications:

    1. S.A. Klemeshev, M.P. Petrov, V.I. Rolich, A.A. Trusov, A.V. Voitylov, V.V. Vojtylov Static, dynamic and electric light scattering by aqueous colloids of diamond // Diamond and Related Materials, 2016. — Vol. 69, — P. 177-182
    2. M.P. Petrov, V.N. Shilov, A.A. Trusov, A.V. Voitylov, V.V. Vojtylov Electro-optic research of polarizability dispersion in aqueous polydisperse suspensions of nanodiamonds // Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2016. — Vol. 506, — P. 40-49
    3. Войтылов А. В., Петров М. П., Трусов А. А., Войтылов В. В., Клемешев С. А. Автоматизация метода слабых синусоидальных полей с синусоидальной модуляцией амплитуды для электрооптических исследований дисперсных систем // Естественные и математические науки в современном мире, 2015. — № 35. — С. 56-63
    4. Electro-optical effects in disperse systems in strong electric fields of arbitrary shape, S.A. Klemeshev, M.P. Petrov, A.K. Shalygin, A.A. Trusov, A.V. Voitylov, V.V. Vojtylov. // Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2014, — v. 456, — p. 114-119.
    5. The Effect of the Size of Particles on Optical and Electrooptical Properties of Colloids. V. V. Vojtylov, M. P. Petrov, A. A. Spartakov, and A. A. Trusov. // Optics & Spectroscopy, 2013 — v.114 — iss. 4 — p. 630,
    6. Light Scattering by Diamond and Graphite Nanodisperse Systems with Their Particles Orientationally Ordered in an Electric Field. V. V. Vojtylov, S. A. Klemeshev, M. P. Petrov, and A. A. Trusov. // Optics & Spectroscopy, 2013 — v.114 — i. 3 — p. 432,
    7. Analysis of Polydispersity of Macromolecular and Nanodisperse Systems by Electrooptical Methods. L. K. Babadzhanyants, A. V. Voitylov, V. V. Voitylov, and A. A. Trusov // Polymer Scince C, 2010, — v. 52, — iss. 1, — p. 93,
    8. Specific Features of the Electrooptical Effect and Light Scattering of Water Dispersed System of Carbon Nanotubes. V. V. Voitylov, P. I. Ivashchenko, A. A. Trusov and I. V. Altukhov. // Optics & Spectroscopy, 2009, — v. 107, — i. 5, — p.717,
    9. Magnetooptical Phenomena in Disperse Systems in Uniform Linearly Oriented Magnetic Fields. A. V. Voitylov, V. V. Voitylov, A. A. Spartakov and A. A. Trusov. // Colloid journal, 2007, — v. 69, — i. 2, — p. 144.

  • Lectures:

    1. «Introduction to nanobiophysics» – Bachelor’s (AMP), 3 year bachelors
    2. «Macromolecules statistics» – Bachelor (Physics), 4 year bachelors

    Scientific supervision:

    PhD thesis:

    • «Simulation of DNA complexes with biologically active compounds». Ramazanov R R (2013)
    • «Electro-optical and magneto-optical studies of distributions of electric, magnetic and geometric parameters of particles in disperse systems» Voitylov A.V. (2008).

    Master thesis: 

    • «Low-frequency dynamics of DNA in the spectra of Brillouin light scattering». Dmitriev A. (2013)

    Bachelor thesis: 

    • «Investigation of the behavior of hypersonic speed in BSA at thermal denaturation».  Dmitriev A. (2011)
    • «Low-frequency dynamics of bromgeksin».  Vashchenkov VE (2013)
    • «Macromolecules detector in the ice» Sumbatyan DA (2014)

  • A dissertation councils membership:

    • D 212.232.33 by specialty 02.00.06 – macromolecular compounds (physico-mathematical sciences);
    • D 212.232.10 by specialty 03.01.02 – biophysics (biological sciences)

    An academic councils membership:

    • Member of the Scientific Council of the Physical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University

  • ResearcherID: M-6177-2013
    ScopusID: 7005088110
    ORCID: 0000-0002-8024-8270
    SPIN-код: 1015-8972