Sokolov Petr A.

Sokolov Petr A.

PhD, Associate professor

email: p.a.sokolov на

    • Microscopy (AFM, EM, STM) of DNA and proteins.
    • Supramolecular structures based on DNA and its ligands.
    • Electro-physical properties of DNA coupled with silicon, gold and mica.
    • Physical properties and mechanisms of the formation of amyloids (including prion proteins).
    • Biosensors (at the moment I am the head of the grant of the Russian Science Foundation “Supersensitive ATP sensor based on DNA aptamers and metal nanoparticles.”, two undergraduates were involved in the work on this project: Popova M. A. & Shalygin V. E.) .


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  • Lectures:

    “Microscopy of nanostructures”, “Methods of direct observation of biological objects” and “Nanosystem research methods.”

  • ResearcherID: O-1128-2013
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    ORCID: 0000-0003-4819-3211
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